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February 10 on 10

My middle guy decided to lay down all on his own. I QUICKLY snapped a picture of him snuggling with his brothers. So sweet.


I am so excited to be participating with a lovely group of very talented photographers in a monthly blog.  Each month we select 10 of our favorite images.  Thank you so much for viewing my images.

I decided to select images from a trip we took to the lake by our house.  I was taking pictures for my almost one year old’s birthday and thought I would throw some cute clothes on my other boys, just in case I was able to persuade them to take some pictures too.  They had fun exploring.  Some of my favorite pictures are the ones of them just exploring and playing at the lake.  The light was great the day we were there.  I had a blast taking pictures of them!!!  They were very cooperative and so I took advantage of that!! 🙂

They were exploring when we first got to the lake. I love the bugs in this picture!!


I just wanted to eat him up in this outfit!!!

LOVE my boys!!!

The above image was an image off of my iPhone. I grabbed it as quick as I could because I thought he was just too cute playing and the light coming through the window was beautiful!  Next two images are also off my iPhone.

My middle guy being silly!!! This is what I got when I asked him to smile!! haha. Love it!

We were visiting Grandma this cloudy day, feeding the ducks. So sweet:)


Thank you so much for viewing my images.  Please also visit my very talented friend, Erin Freeman of Erin Freeman Photography, at to view her wonderful images for this month!


January-Everyday Moments-LIGHT

Just starting to explore. Big brother helping little brother.


Very excited to be participating in a monthly blog post “Everyday Moments” with a group of very talented photographers into the NEW YEAR! This month our theme was “Light.”  One of my favorite types of light is light during the “golden hour” right before sunset!! So that’s when I decided to take pictures. I knew I wanted to take my baby’s first year pictures, but I also thought I might try and get a few of all of my boys!! I was so excited because the lighting was fabulous while we were exploring and taking pictures.  I had so much fun taking these.  The light changed from when we first got there, when the sun was still fairly bright, to the sun setting.  LOVED taking these.  So fun!!!  Thank you so much for viewing these pictures and seeing how I captured “light” through my lens!:)

My little guy exploring. Love this candid photo of him.

My love bug. This was him eating food before he decided that the dirt was more appetizing. Ha Ha. Love him!

Having tons of fun throwing rocks and sticks and running around. My boys. Love them!!

The lake was beautiful-just before the sunset.


Thank you for viewing my images.  Please also view the wonderful pictures of my fellow photographer, Melissa Rich, who is so talented, at, to see how she captured “Light” through her lens.