Monthly Archives: June 2013

52 Week Photo Project

I am joining a group of photographers who are participating in a 52 Week Photo Project.  Each month, we post 10 of our favorite images.  It is a great opportunity to become creative and grow as a photographer.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  After viewing my pictures, please check out my fellow photographer’s images-Krista Resnick at


These are pictures I took of my 3 month and 5 year old.  I was taking pictures of my 3 month old when my 5 year old asked if he could take pictures too.  So of course I said, “Yes!”  These are some of the images I captured. 

Love how my oldest boy loves sharing things with his baby brother. I love this image of them.

My 5 year old LOVES his baby brother:)

My sweet boys. Love them so much!



Here are a few photos of my 2 year old.   Took these after he was done swimming.  His smile still melts my heart!







Here are the last 2 images of just the baby.  Love my new little guy so much!