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Project 13-Connections

So excited to be participating with a talented group of photographers in a monthly bog circle-Blog Project 13- in which we are taking pictures of a monthly theme.  This month’s theme is “Connections.”  A  natural “connection” that I LOVE watching grow is the one between my boys.  Seeing them playing together, laughing together and loving each other makes my heart so full.  I also love watching the new relationship grow between my boys and their new baby brother.  They love him so much already!

This is one of my absolute favorite images of my boys!

I love how much my older boy loves his baby brother.  He is such a good big brother and takes such good care of his little brother!  They both are already good big brothers to their new little brother.


Now here is a picture with my new baby and his brothers…..

My older boys absolutely love and adore their new baby brother.  I was taking pictures of the baby and they both wanted to take a picture with him 🙂

 Last picture–one more “Connection” of myself and new baby….


Now I have to give some credit to my hubby for taking this photo on Mother’s Day. I got the camera ready, set up, posed myself and baby, and told him to snap away! I picked this one as my favorite and edited it. So it’s a sort of pseudo-self portrait-used my hubby instead of a tripod. HaHa.  I am so in love with my new little guy and so blessed to be his mommy.

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52 Week Photo Project

I am joining a group of photographers who are participating in a 52 Week Photo Project.  Each month, we post 10 of our favorite images.  It is a great opportunity to become creative and grow as a photographer.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  After viewing my pictures, please check out my fellow photographer’s images-Jessica Panozzo: