Everyday Moments December 2014

So excited to participate in my monthly Blog Circle of very talented photographer’s capturing everyday moments.  This month’s theme was family.  I decided to post Christmas pictures of my boys, that I took at one of my favorite places.  My boys are so dear to my heart and I just love my boys to pieces!!  I think my favorite pictures are the ones of them walking and holding hands and running away like the wild, free little boys they are.  Thanks so much for taking the time to view my post and please view the talented Lauren Ollerenshaw at http://lauraollerenshaw.wordpress.com/

Love this one. My goofy boys:)

Love his laugh so much!

My handsome, dapper little guy

Silly Boys!!!!

Wild and carefree.




Everyday Moments-October

I am so excited to participate this month in my monthly blog circle and share Halloween pictures of my boys.  They all dressed up as characters from “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.”  I knew trying to take pictures while we were trick or treating would not happen!  LOL.  So I decided to take them to one of my favorite places, before Halloween, and let them have some fun in their costumes. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my Peter Pan, Jake and Pirate “Captain Hook.”   It was so much fun!!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to view my images.  Please follow around the blog circle and visit Katherine Lightner at http://wp.me/p1BSwh-3ii to see what she has been up to the last month:)


Sarah Murchison - Elizabeth, what great photos!!! love them!

Everyday Moments-August-Water

I am excited to participate again in a monthly blog with a group of talented photographers. Each month we select a different theme to focus on. This month was “water.” I was super excited because I was able to capture some pictures of our summer vacation while camping at the beach. Looking back at these pictures makes my heart so happy because my boys had so much fun camping. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my pictures. Please also be sure to check out images of the very talented, Katherine Lightner, for August at http://wp.me/p1BSwh-3dt

Thanks so much taking the time to view my images! 🙂

June 10 on 10

Getting ready! So cute:)


I am excited once again to participate with a very talented group of photographers in our monthly blog post.  We select some of our favorite images from the past month.  Thank you so much for viewing my post.


May was a very busy month for our family!! My little guy finished up his first baseball season.  We all had so much fun attending the games and cheering him on.  He loved it and didn’t want the season to end.  I decided to select some images of him playing baseball because it was such a big deal to all of us.  Thanks so much for viewing these images!

Heading out to bat. I just love this picture of him:)

Swiiiiiing! If you look very closely you can actually see the ball-and it’s moving–because he hit it!!

My little catcher. He played this position throughout the season. I was a PROUD Mama!:)

Huddle. Team spirit and sportsmanship!


Thank you so much for viewing my post and please be sure to check out a very talented photographer, Crystal, at http://wp.me/p3dERX-4A.





May 10 on 10

I am so excited to participate in my monthly blog circle for May, with a very talented and lovely group of photographers.  We select some of our favorite images from the past month.  Thank you so much for taking the time to view my photographs, as well as other photographers in this blog circle!:)

I decided to select some images from an impromptu Easter session with my boys (realized the day before Easter I hadn’t taken any pictures of them-eek-so had to take these at home!!! lol).  I couldn’t resist posting some of these because they were just to stinking cute in their outfits.  Love these boys!!!


I loved the interaction between these two in this photo. So sweet!:)
Trying to give little brother a kiss. Not gonna happen!!! Lol!
Love his baby blues in this one!
This is so him!!! Sticking out his tongue!! Ha Ha!
And this is so his baby brother (below) with food in his hand and his silly pouty face!
The next pictures I selected are from a maternity shoot.
These are a few of my favorite images from a recent maternity session. The theme was “romance.” It was such a fun session!!
Thanks so much for viewing my images! 🙂 Please check out the images from my very talented, fellow photographer, Sara at http://sarahgracephotographyblog.com/?p=2761


Sally Sosler - Oh my gosh, your boys are just so stinkin’ cute!! Love those hats. Beautiful images Jennifer! I hope you have a fabulous mother’s day today!! <3